A belated Murphy update

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a busy spring. Also, we got a new computer and I’m having trouble getting the photos off my camera and onto the computer so hopefully I can figure that out soon and share some new pictures! (Avoid Windows 8 if you can, our experience with it has been horrible.)

Murphy went in for his second round of scans and blood work a few weeks ago. I was hoping just to come home with a dog upset about having a shaved belly, yet again, but unfortunately, we brought some other news with us. When he had his original scans done, they found a tiny spot on his spleen that they weren’t concerned about, but made note of so they could watch it in case there was growth. And unfortunately, it grew. It wasn’t enough that they could do a biopsy or were imminently concerned about, so we scheduled another round of scans for one month later to see if there was additional growth. He’ll go in for those tests on Tuesday of next week. If there’s no growth, we just keep an eye on it in future scans. If there is growth, he needs to have his spleen removed and then they’ll do a biopsy. If it’s benign, that’s great news and he just needs to recover from surgery and continue with his current dose of chemo. If it comes back as malignant, then his chemo dosage will need to be upgraded and we’ll have to have a discussion with his doctors about where we go from here.

Those are a lot of “ifs.” I’ve been trying very hard not to consider the long line of “ifs” and instead spend as much time just enjoying the fact that Murphy is acting completely normal and is immensely happy that the snow is gone and he can spend his days sunbathing on the deck. Although, those peaceful moments are interrupted when Lucy comes home from school and recruits him to play the parts of both Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer from the movie Frozen during her impromptu performances in the backyard. Occasionally he will break out of character and choose to sit down and chew up a pine cone, but he has actually gotten quite good at following her around and indulging her Broadway fantasies.

The other morning on our way to school, before Lucy made me put the Frozen soundtrack on so that she could sing it to Murphy and anyone who had the pleasure of sitting next to us in traffic, the DJs on the radio posed the question, “Do you kiss your dog before you leave the house?” I turned around and looked at my beautiful dog who was blowing hot, stinky breath in my face and giving me a look that said, “Um, why aren’t we moving so that I can stick my face out the window and feel the wind through my hair?” Then I looked over at the beautiful little girl straining to reach over far enough to pet her dog and tell him that he’s a good boy. And I didn’t hesitate to answer the DJ’s question out loud to both of them. “Of course I kiss my dog.” To which Lucy replied, “I love Murphy, he’s the best!”

I didn’t have to ask Lucy the DJ’s question, I already knew the answer. Every morning when I drop her off and every afternoon when I pick her up, Murphy is in the car with me. The last thing she does before leaving and the first thing she does upon returning is hug and kiss her dog. It melts my heart every time. It really is the best way to start the day, no matter how much of a struggle it was to get her out of the house that day, witnessing that moment makes it worth it every time.

Yes, Lucy, Murphy is the best.

And we’re hoping only for the best news on Tuesday. So please keep Murphy in your thoughts this holiday weekend and I’ll give you an update next week (hopefully with pictures!).

Have a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!


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