One week down, 51 to go

We finished our first week of chemo and so far, so good. Murphy is tolerating the medication well. He’s also very excited to get a hot dog every night and has only stealthily spit out the pills twice. I’d love to know how he manages to eat the hot dog, but discard the pill – I bet he can also tie a cherry stem in a knot with only his tongue.

IMG_1620Prepping the pills (they need to be handled carefully, so we have to wear gloves)

IMG_1621The first dose


Lucy has assumed the role of being his being his home care nurse and is constantly following him around, giving him kisses and telling him, “it’s o.k. Murphy, everything is going to be o.k.” It melts my heart every time.

On Monday, she got a day off of school due to the extremely cold temperatures, so she and Murphy snuggled on the couch with a blanket. She very tenderly tucked him in, gave him kisses all over, then cuddled in next to him. But as soon as nap time was over, she took it upon herself to give him a full check-up, which consisted of measuring him using a Slinky and shining the flashlight all over his body. He’s such a good sport and never put up a fuss, but I have a feeling he was relieved when she went back to school on Tuesday.

IMG_1675All tucked in

When Murphy had his scans to check if the cancer had spread, the doctors had to shave his entire belly and part of his sides. The hair is just starting to grow back, but his belly is still pretty bare. So when the temps dip dangerously low, we need to bundle him up to go outside.  We’ve been using one of my fleece jackets, which has worked really well (and he looks so good in blue). We quickly learned the right way to tie it up so that it’s nice and snug against his belly, preventing the cold from sneaking in and also so that he doesn’t pee in it. This is just another way he has been a very good sport during all of this, but I know that – like the rest of us – he will be very happy when spring finally arrives and we quit dressing him up in my clothes.

Tangled up in blue

It was so cold the other night, that while we were doing laundry and Murphy walked by the
dryer vent,
it immediately froze and created an icy beard on his face.

On Monday, Murphy goes in for the first blood draw to check his levels. But it will be a special trip because we’ll have some honored guests joining us. My parents will be in town to celebrate Lucy’s birthday, so they are going to come along. And I’m keeping Lucy home from daycare so that she can finally get her wish to accompany her sidekick to the doctor. I foresee the next public appearance of Bat Lucy and Robin Murphy. Photos to come…

IMG_1586Robin Murphy at his last appointment at the U of M. He’s excited to have his partner join him next time.


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